2018 Best Parenting Trends You Are Going To Love! Creative and healthy ideas for families this new year.

What will be “IN” for families in 2018? After some serious research on social media, I came up with some pretty good ideas of what will be very popular this new year.

Year after year, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about nutrition. Limiting sugar, offering better food choices, and staying away from processed foods are all trending topics. With alarming statistics about diabetes and chonic illnesses, parents are now learning about the importance of creating healthy eating habits.

Health and wellness will definitely be important parenting trends in 2018.

We have access to information like never before. We learn fast, and we are more aware of the world around us than ever before. We want to simplify our lives and make them more efficient. This is the reason why eco-friendly and practical parenting hacks are also going to be extremely popular in 2018.

If you are looking for new tips, get ready for the best ideas that will change the way we raise kids this year. Here’s my list of 2018 best parenting trends:

1. Bento-Box Lunches For The Win.

My kids absolutely LOVE their bento-box lunches. There are so many ideas and healthy options to choose from! Fun, creative and healthy bento-box lunches will be trending in 2018. Check out @planetbox, @lalalunchbox, @onmykidsplate, and of course me @creativehealthyfamily on Instagram for awesome ideas!

2018 Best Parenting Trends

2. Instant Pot Madness.

If you haven’t caught the instant pot fever yet, I recommend you try it.  The Instant Pot is a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan and food warmer all in one! You can get an amazing Instant Pot and start making your life easier! Follow me @creativehealthyfamily on Pinterest for great healthy family meals. I always share trendy Instant Pot recipes from the most popular family friendly food bloggers.

2018 Best Parenting Trends

3. Going Back To Old-Fashioned Play.
Another trend I am sure we will see in 2018. Parents are becoming extremely concerned about their kids’ addiction to electronics. We know that is not the best for their development. This is why outdoor activities, board games, and hand crafts are making a come back. Experts agree that the best type of play is “real play”, and not sitting in front of a screen. My favorite Facebook pages for activities are @raisingdragons and @handsonaswegrow. So, let’s get out and show them how we played when we were little!
2018 Best Parenting Trends
4. DIY Tips And Tricks.
I am sure we will see a lot of bloggers posting videos about DIY organizational ideas in 2018. Parents just love practical hacks for their homes. Check out @DIYTutorials7 on Facebook for incredibly easy DIY tips, and follow me @creativehealthyfamily for exciting new videos.  I love this meal planning board idea  (pic below) from all Parenting. Get handy and organized in 2018!
2018 Best Parenting Trends
5. Home Remedies To The Rescue. 
Have you noticed how even pediatricians now advice you about natural remedies? They only prescribe medications when absolutely necessary! This is a trend I have been watching for several years now. And 2018 will be no exception. Home remedies REALLY WORK! Check out my most popular post in 2017: Detox Baths For Kids. And make sure you follow me in 2018 for new and exciting new natural remedies.
2018 Best Parenting Trends

I hope you enjoyed reading this 2018 Best Parenting Trends For Creative & Healthy families post. If you have a great idea that you would love to share, please leave a comment below or contact me @creativehealthyfamily. I wanna see!


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    Very true as well. Can not wait to dig in to the other post links in this article and get some more good hacks and ideas!

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