What’s your new years resolution? The most popular one is health. If this is your goal for 2018, I will tell you 7 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make Anyone Healthier.

7 New Year's Resolutions That Will Make Anyone Healthier

It is time for new year’s resolutions. Time where you feel motivated to improve your life and set new goals for the future. A new year brings a brand new set of possibilities. These 7 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make Anyone Healthier can help you.

You want to loose those extra pounds  you gained during the holidays and you also want improve your diet. You really want to try and get healthier in 2018. Remember that being healthy doesn’t mean being skinny. By improving your diet you will naturally loose weigh,t but you need to learn to eat right. Being healthy means eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. You also need a good 7-8 hours of sleep a day to stay healthy.

Let me tell you a little secret. Your resolution is easier to keep if you’re constantly getting rewarded with delicious food. That’s right!  To get healthier you don’t need to eat less, you need to eat better.  Knowing where your food comes from, choosing organic, and avoiding GMOs are all on the list for your to get healthier this new year.

7 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make Anyone Healthier.

1. Cook at home.  The single, most important resolution for anyone’s overall good health.  If you cook your own meals you know exactly what goes into them.  You can choose good quality ingredients and a healthier method of cooking like steaming or baking. Making food from scratch is not that complicated and your meals will be healthier and tastier. Check out my recipes for ideas.  Most of them are ready in less than 30 minutes.

2. Drink purified water.  Water makes up to 70% of our bodies. Eating real food made from fresh ingredients is extremely important, but what about the water you drink? Most sources of water contain hundreds of chemicals and your body absorbs them way more easily than from the food you eat. Are you drinking clean water? You can find more information in my post Do You Know What’s In Your Water? and also find a good filter.

3. Avoid processed foods. We are eating more processed foods than ever before and it is making us really sick.  Foods that have been processed are nutritionally depleted. They are loaded with extra calories, chemicals and dangerous additives. Most processed foods also contain unnecessary added sugars, salt, fats and for the most part, now processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients.  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables instead for a healthier you.  For more information read 7 Ways To Avoid Processed Foods.

4. Limit your sugar intake.  If you truly want to change and improve your eating habits you need to start by limiting your intake of sugar. Sugar is high in calories and contains no nutrients.  Eating too much sugar is highly toxic to the body and can contribute to many diseases including diabetes and cancer.  For many decades people have blamed saturated fat for heart disease, however, new studies are showing that sugar may be the leading cause.

5. Swap ingredients for healthier options. Research better alternatives to unhealthy food options.  You can make pasta using spaghetti squash or a delicious risotto using cauliflower instead of rice. You don’t have to sacrifice taste if you switch to healthier ingredients.  In fact, you will be adding more flavor and your food will taste way better using natural products that are also good for you. You can see my post 5 Ingredient Swaps For Healthier Eating for more ideas.

6. Buy organic. Organic food contains more nutrients, which will transform in a healthier and stronger you.  A stronger immune system will be capable of fighting diseases better. It will also decrease your risk of cancer by avoiding dangerous chemical pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs. Buying organic food is so worth it. Please see my post Is Buying Organic Worth The Higher Price? for more information.

7. Make your own junk food. One way to stay on track and feel good about what you are eating, is to make your own junk food. I have pretty good ideas like Turn Junk Food Into Healthy Food and Sweet Treats You Don’t Have To Feel Guilty About. Don’t worry, it may seem like a lot of work and time, but the recipes are pretty easy and won’t take longer than 30 minutes. Choosing good ingredients and cooking from scratch will turn junk food into healthy food.

I hope you enjoyed my What’s your new years resolution? The most popular one is health. If this is your goal for 2018, I will tell you 7 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make Anyone Healthier post.

Have a happy and healthy 2018!


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