Creative and healthy snack ideas that your kids would absolutely love, and a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diets. Remember kids need 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for their optimal development.

Creative and Healthy Snack Ideas

1.- Pepper Monsters. Use your favorite dips and enjoy! Cut the peppers in thin slices and fill the pepper with any type of dip. For the eyes use a slice of black olive and a little bit of dip. These creative and healthy snack ideas are great for parties too! My favorite dip is hummus.

Creative and Healthy Snack Ideas

2.- Fruit Kabobs and Yogurt Dip. Try different flavors and fruit combinations. Greek yogurt is a good choice. Try it also with coconut milk or almond milk  yogurts!If you have fun cutters you can try so many different combinations! Fruit and veggie kabobs are great too!  Perfect for parties or snacks at home.  One of my favorite fun cutters: Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters made of stainless steal and great to serve kids veggies in a creative and super fun way!

Please see my other post for more fruit pop ideas: fruit pop ideas

Creative and Healthy Snack Ideas

3.- Go Fishing. Use celery as fishing poles, peanut butter or your favorite nut butter, I love All-Natural Raw Almond Butter
and goldfish crackers.

You can make your own goldfish with a simple recipe with only 4 ingredients. Get a Mini Tiny Fish Cookie Cutter, they have several sizes for you to choose from. Look for homemade cheddar crackers: homemade crackers

Creative and Healthy Snack Ideas

What a fun idea! You can also just place the celery sticks on a platter with a bean or cheese dip and decorate with goldfish pretzels, carrots or peppers!

Creative and Healthy Snack Ideas

4.-Hummus Flower. You can also serve it with any type of dip. Use baby carrots or cut carrots in slices. If you are serving carrots to a toddler it will be a good idea to steam or boil them first so they are soft.  I recommend steaming vegetables instead of boiling to preserve the nutrients.  A good steamer is the Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer

Creative and Healthy Snack Ideas

5.-Kiwi and Grape Turtle. Play with your fruit and veggies and make fun creations! Get your kids involved in the process too! Getting some fun cutters will make kids really excited about eating healthy!  Like these adorable turtles!  Some other cutters I like: Wilton Metal Cookie Cutters or the MSC 3pc Flower Power Cutter Set to make wonderful fruit art!

Creative and Healthy Snack Ideas

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