Contrary to popular belief, raising your son to be a mama’s boy is not a bad thing.

Raising Your Son To Be A Mama's Boy Is A Good Thing

Mama’s boys are often perceived as weak, spoiled, insecure, and fully dependent on their mothers. But this is not true at all. On the contrary, boys that are cared for and attached to their mothers develop a great sense of security. They become emotionally stronger and more independent as they grow up.

Unfortunately, believes and social accepted practices are two different things. We want our kids to be independent as soon as possible; we don’t want them to cry, or come to mommy for help a thousand times a day. We want them do their own “stuff” all by themselves. And of course the opinions and advice from other people: “let him cry so he can learn”, or “leave him alone so he gets used to it”, “you are not going to be able to help him always”….

Worse than all of the above is the fact that if your child is a girl, it is more sociably acceptable for her to be very attached to you. But if you have a boy: Oh no! He is definitely a “mama’s boy”.

Raising Your Son To Be A Mama’s Boy Is A Good Thing

There’s actually scientific proof that the close mother-son bond is healthy and beneficial. A study done by the University of Reading, shows that the mother-son relationship is ket to emotional development. This was an analysis of more than 69 studies featuring more than 6,000 children. The researchers found that kids, especially boys, who have secure attachments to their mothers tended to have fewer behavioral problems throughout their childhoods.

The study also showed that these kids were expected to display fewer signs of aggression and hostility later on in life. They were, it stands to reason, more adaptable, more patient.

Dr Fearon said: “The central question we posed was whether attachment insecurity was associated with behaviour problems across all the studies conducted to date. The results showed quite clearly that the answer to this question is a firm yes.

“More specifically, our analysis showed that children with insecure attachments to their mothers, particularly boys, had significantly more behavioural problems, even when the behavioural problems were measured years later.”

Mothers of both sons and daughters should worry less about getting caught up in “perception” and what other people think. I am raising my son to be a “mama’s boy”, and I am very proud of it. I want to make sure he knows it is ok to cry and have feelings. I want to teach him it is ok to show his emotional side.

Attachment gives children a sense of security. It makes them feel protected and accepted unconditionally. The bond made by mothers and their children have very unique characteristics, and are extremely important for all human beings.

So, are you raising your son to be a mama’s boy?

If you suspect your son is a mama’s boy, be thankful. He will most likely grow up happier and more emotionally secure.

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