Sure, I want my kids to do well in school and get good grades, but there are many important things I value more than having a straight-A student.

What I Value More Than Having a Straight-A Student


My son is only in first grade and I can already sense that academic performance is what parents are most concerned about. It’s like a non-stop competition to get their kids to score the highest on standardized tests, and always get straight A’s in all the subjects.

When I go to school meetings, most parents only ask about grades. They don’t ask if their child is happy and getting along with the other kids in the class. Not a single question about fun activities, or why they don’t do enough arts and crafts, or physical education. It seems like what’s most important for first grade parents is having their child read and count faster than the rest of the students in the class.

Don’t get me wrong. I want my son to do well in school and get good grades. But I’m honestly not obsessed with having a straight-A student. There are other things more important to me than just grades. And I really don’t get parents who put so much pressure on their kids to always score the highest.

To me, education is more than tests. Memorizing and repeating numbers and letters won’t get anybody anywhere. In fact, it’s been proven that the best students in school are never the most successful in life. Do you know how many number-one high school performers go on to change the world, run the world, or impress the world? According to research the answer is: zero. (SOURCE)

Are these straight-A students learning to think outside the box? Do they know how to have their own opinions and preferences? Are they recognizing that you can make a difference and leave a better world for future generations?

There are very valuable lessons we could be teaching our children that could really enrich their lives. Like to care and be kind to others. To make them understand that everyone has a very unique and special talent. To make them curious about the world around them. That’s what I value more than having a straight-A student.

“Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.” Albert Einstein.

Education to me is more than sitting in a desk for several hours a day memorizing facts that will most likely be forgotten very soon. You will learn your most valuable lessons from social interactions, traveling, being in touch with nature, and caring about their planet.

I want my kids to learn about math, and science, and history. But I also want them to learn how to help others. I want them to know what foods are good for them and will keep them healthy and strong. I want to teach them the importance of nutrition and exercise. I want them to value friendship, honesty, and kindness.

One of my main goals as a mother is to teach my kids to be nice, generous, and respectful. I want them to be where they have to be academically, but I value more their overall development. And most importantly, I want them to be happy. That’s what I value more than having a straight-A student.

What about you? What is most important for you? I would love to hear your opinions! Just leave a comment below. If you want to see more from me, make sure you follow me on Instagram @creativehealthyfamily. You can also see my latest posts HERE.

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